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IP Commercialization and Transfer

Technology transfer is a buzz word, and it means different things to different people.

At BPSG, we define the “transfer” of technology as an exchange of property rights to an invention from one party to another. This type of transfer is a precise, well thought-out, and legally-grounded procedure. BPSG makes certain to understand the details and nuance of each and every transfer of technology that it is involved in.

A patent and its accompanying patent strategy is only one of the intellectual property (IP) tools uses to create the necessary structure for the commercialization of new technology. Often, commercialization of an invention is driven by a patent strategy and other forms of IP.

For example, in the case of plants, Plant Breeder’s Rights are a typical tool used for commercialization. Other IP that may be important for a particular technology include copyrights and trade secrets. In some cases, proprietary branding that is established by Trademarks or Certification Marks is dovetailed with patents, Plant Breeder’s Rights, copyrights, and trade secrets to create a coherent IP package.