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Managing IP and Bioproperty

While all innovations have common themes in the process used for their development, these industries have certain aspects that set them apart from IT, communication, software, human health, and other industries.

Managing innovations in agriculture, food, alternative energy and natural resources is a specialized practice within bioproperty management. Good IP and bioproperty management is founded in market researching, IP planning, product planning, plan execution and product tracking. For thirty years we have managed IP and Bioproperty and in the process we have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

An appreciation for the intricacies of farming, animal husbandry, plant and animal science, supply chains, commodities and value-added systems is critical. In addition, an appreciation for the agricultural perspective, a reliance on natural resources, and knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of these industries is essential.

BPSG has focused its professional attention on the unique aspects of innovation and invention in the plant breeding industries.

BPSG has over three decades of experience in the management of inventions and innovation within these industries. Our experts have specialized expertise advising the seed, nursery, ag-biotech, food, and natural resource industries.