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BPSG holds IP training for USC ITSO

posted by Richard Cahoon at 2013-09-18 16:43:00

While Dick was in the Philippines representing BPSG, he and other IP experts led a training session, as mentioned in a University of San Carlos news release.

The story reads:

...invited to join the training are selected faculty-researchers from the College of Engineering and CAS Science Division to take advantage of the experts’ presence in Cebu. A separate individual session exclusive to USC researchers will take place at USC’s Learning Resource Center from  July 22 to 24 with Dr. Dick Cahoon, especially for those who have developed technologies that can be used as teaching tools and help USC with patenting and commercialization strategies.
posted at: 2013-09-18 16:43:00, last updated: 2014-10-03 17:19:21

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